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 2018 Show Dates

May 5/6 ** CHANGE OF DATE ** This Show is rescheduled for May 19/20.        Mane Event @ Burbrook Equestrian (online entries now available at

May 26/27 Endless Journey Farms

June 2/3 Mane Event @ Burbrook Equestrian

June 16/17 Mane Event @ Burbrook Equestrian

July 7/8 Mane Event @ Burbrook Equestrian

July 28/29 Endless Journey Farms

August 11/12 Mane Event @ Burbrook Equestrian

 Mane Event Horse Shows 2018 Prize List
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Endless Journey Prize List
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South East THJA Annual General Meeting.
to be held on Sunday, March 4th @ 10:00am.
Location of  the meeting is The Ramada in Kingston at 33 Bensen Street in the Fort Henry Room, just ask the front desk for directions to the room.
Please copy and paste this link for the 2018 AGM Agenda:
3.13 Proxy Voting - Every Member entitled to vote at a meeting of Members may, by means of a proxy, appoint a proxy holder, or one or more alternate proxy holders, to attend and vote on behalf of the Member. A proxy holder may represent only one (1) Member.  The proxy holder need not be a Member.  A proxy must:
a) Be signed by the Member;
b) Be in a form that complies with the Act;
c) Comply with the format stipulated by the Association; and
d) Be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Association at least two days prior to the meeting of the Members
Proxy can be sent to Nicole Ferguson at
Copy and paste this link if you would like to print out a Proxy Form:


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